The number of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies casinos is growing in enormous numbers. Sadly, plenty of them isn’t worth your money. Why? A lot of reputable casinos will give you deposit bonuses, trustworthiness, stability, etc. while “one-month” gambling sites are just for the fast profits. How to avoid that and what to check before making a deposit to one of the online gambling sites?

Top 5 Things To Check Before Making A Deposit To Bitcoin Casino

  1. Read testimonials available online. Start with Google, Bing or any other search engine, of course. Also, check BitcoinTalk forum and AskGamblers community.
  2. Read more than one review. We always try to find every important detail about a selected casino site, however, sometimes we can miss something or information gets outdated. So we highly advise checking other review websites. The more opinions, the better choice will you make.
  3. Check if the site has a license. It is not the easiest part, but Google is here again. Browse through several websites which have any information regarding licenses and legitimacy.
  4. Analyze Bitcoin casino site. Check if it is working well, fast enough and the most important – if it does not block your country and IP address. A lot of online gambling providers have strict limitations for some regions and countries. Do not put any money before you’re sure that you can play the selected games or make withdrawals without any additional procedures and verifications.
  5. Scan through social networks. Check what social media accounts does the casino have and examine them carefully. People tend to write their negative experiences, so it’s possible to find something controversial. Well, if the online casino does not censure their account too strong.

What To Do Next?

After the site is scanned, it’s time to make a deposit. We are not going through this process in this blog post, but there are a few very important things to check.

  1. Check if deposit address is legitimate and fits your selected cryptocurrency. Due to forks, people use  wrong addresses sometimes (after Bitcoin fork people sent a lot of coins to Bcash address, instead of Bitcoin).
  2. Turn on Two-Factor Authentication and email notifications. Even if you think that your account wasn’t compromised it doesn’t mean it is  truth. Just while your account was empty, it has never been a target.
  3. Check what deposit bonuses are available, what are the terms, etc. Most of the casinos give a deposit bonus, but it has some additional requirements and terms. Read them before making an action.

We hope this short guide will help you get through the very first steps. Bitcoin casinos are awesome, but sometimes people forget to be careful and aware enough, what leads to the losing money, of course. So be always prepared and ready for anything, especially when we talk about this new gambling niche. Cryptocurrencies world is still developing, and we are early adopters, so be ready for anything. Only you and you are responsible for your funds and actions.