Online gambling is nothing new, but cryptocurrency has transformed this industry into a new beast, one that offers some very attractive options for those looking to play online games of chance. This is particularly true if you’re looking to do so anonymously. The legality of online gambling is a sort of grey area, and this leads many of its participants to demand better privacy options, and that’s where a Bitcoin casino beats a traditional one.

In addition to the convenience for gamblers, it’s also a better deal for the casino itself. The infrastructure for accepting Bitcoin gambling payments is much less expensive than what is needed for heavily regulated US dollar markets. This lowers their operating costs, and it could mean that they could even up the odds of winning on their platforms. Why would they do this? Well, if Ethereum gambling offered a higher rate of winning than a US dollar game, which one would you play? Often times these places also have affiliate programs, so it’s possible that your gambling seed money might not even need to come out of your pocket if you’re good at finding like minded people.

More Bitcoin Gambling Benefits

That’s not the only way to benefit though, some of these places will go even farther still to earn your business. CloudBet will even give you a 100% bonus for your first deposit, up to a whopping 5 bitcoin! If you plan to be very active on these platforms, that’s a huge amount of extra capital to play around with, and it will increase the number of bets you can place, strengthening your odds.

There’s one other huge boon to playing in a cryptocurrency casino as opposed to a traditional one. Cryptocurrency grows in value. Unlike the US dollar which will only lose buying power, your cryptocurrency gains can actually gain value. That means that if you win $500 worth of Bitcoin today, tomorrow it could be worth much more than that if the price decides to spike. What’s more is that cryptocurrencies are a global currency. They are not tied to any one nation, and that opens the doors for even more players who may otherwise be excluded.

If you live in a country that is commonly rejected by traditional payment processors, then a cryptocurrency casino could be the right choice for you. Some of these casinos, such as BitStarz, do not require you to verify your account, and they will allow any countries to participate.

In addition to this, it could also pose a great economical advantage if you live in a country with an unfavorable exchange ratio. For example, if you were to utilize an Ethereum casino like you’d find at FortuneJack, and you managed to win a nice pot, it could be worth a lot more than a win in your native currency. Seeing as there are so many ways to earn cryptocurrencies for free, it’d also be easy to scratch up a little to fill up your pot for gaming if you can’t afford to do it out of pocket.